tipos de luminária LED industrial

Discover the types of industrial LED luminaires and how to choose

tipos de luminária LED industrial

Get inside the world of industrial LED luminaires and how to choose them.

Lighting in industries is indispensable to guarantee business growth. Besides reducing expenses with electricity bills, LED luminaires are recognized for enhancing the productivity of employees and increasing safety in environments that contain shadows.

However, the industrial environment presents uncommon peculiarities. In this post, we will talk about the importance of industrial lighting and why the industrial LED luminaire is the most suitable for these environments.

In addition, we will show you which types are ideal and how to separate them by application within various environments. Here, you will also find important details about these devices. Would you like to know more about LED luminaires and reflectors? Keep reading!

Understand the importance of industrial lighting

Efficient industrial lighting is very important to generate energy consumption savings and increase monthly revenue. It avoids work accidents due to the excellent visibility it provides to environments.

In addition, it increases the safety and comfort of employees who work for hours in these places. On the other hand, a lighting project gives sustainability to the enterprise.

Find out why LED luminaires are the most suitable for industries

LED luminaires are the most suitable for the industry because they were specially designed to meet the peculiarities of this sector.

Industries carry out different operations than other commercial companies, for example. They usually use heavy machinery that consumes a lot of energy and can affect the electrical network and the brightness of the environment.

Discover which types of industrial LED luminaires exist

There are several types of industrial LED luminaires that can help in the proper lighting of internal and external sectors that make up lighting projects. The devices have their peculiarities and serve for different solutions. See below the main models that are available in the market!

High Bay LED Luminaire

The High Bay LED Luminaire has a huge luminous flux, being essential for common industries and warehouses. They are manufactured to prevent overheating, can be dimmed for instant ignition, and have high efficiency.

They consume little energy and offer more brightness, and can be used together with sensors to have more durability. You will find models for common industry and heavy industry, which, in addition to the requirements mentioned above, are more resistant to high temperatures and have a surge protective mechanism.

These devices are great for buildings, have a 100,000-hour lifespan, and high-tech optical lenses, which allow the light to be directed to specific points. They can be dimmed and have excellent performance.

Industrial Onboard LED Luminaire

Widely used in lighting projects, the industrial Onboard luminaire has a high lifespan. Developed for environments that need intense lighting for many hours without interruption.

They are perfect for preventing accidents and visual fatigue by evenly distributing brightness in large areas. They can be part of planned lighting systems, preventing the formation of shadows.

They are offered in the SX-LIO100 with 100W and SX-LIO150 with 150W models. The installation is facilitated, and they have a unique design, as well as undergo rigorous testing and comply with national regulatory standards. Applied in assembly locations, dealerships, warehouses, and gyms.

Super Industrial Robust Floodlight

The Super Robust Floodlights (currently only sold in Brazil) are used in both outdoor and indoor settings, with a luminous beam that reaches up to 70 meters of distance, if installed according to the technical specifications. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, recommended to make use of consumed energy.

These devices are suitable for places that need to be highlighted with brightness, such as industries, logistics warehouses, ports, airports, courts, football fields, squares and parks, and tunnels.

In this case, a lighting project may be the best solution for investment, as a specialized professional will analyze the amount of lumens and the appropriate angles. They are available in versions SX – SX-SPS from 55W up to 1000W.

Vapor Tight Luminaire

Vapor Tight luminaires are ideal for distribution centers, logistics warehouses, gyms, industries, supermarkets, and parking lots. They are very efficient and durable, also useful in places where vapor, dust, and humidity are present. Its lens is composed of a milky polycarbonate diffuser.

They are water-resistant. Produced to offer savings, practicality, and quality with technological optimization, they are found in models SX-HCH018, SX-HCH036, and SX-HCH048 (only sold in Brazil). They should be installed at 90 degrees to the ground and with an opening angle of 120 degrees.

Linear Luminaire

Linear LED luminaires have a unique rectangular shape of light emission. They reduce the number of installation points and their components do not harm the health of employees.

Usually, they are applied in stocks, warehouses, gyms, and other similar constructions. But there are models that are special for production areas, warehouses, offices, stores, and covered parking lots. There are also linear options for outdoor areas, such as leisure environments, patios, among others.

Some are installed in places less than four meters high, however, they need to contain a milky filter so as not to dazzle workers’ vision. They are durable and have excellent energy efficiency, being supplied in models SX-LIN066 with 66W, SX-LIN100 with 100W, and SX-LIN132 with 132W (currently only sold in Brazil).

Find the ideal devices for various areas

As you can see, there are ideal devices for various areas of the industrial establishment. If you do a brief search, you will find equipment for internal and external applications, production areas, corridors between pallet doors and stocks, among other types suitable for internal automation, with protection grade for areas that present moisture or dryness.

Finally, now you are up to date on the types of LED industrial luminaires and know how to choose the ideal model. Consider all the details before choosing the reflectors or luminaires that will compose the sectors of your company. It is worth checking out all the advantages of the complete solutions offered by SX Lighting.

Want to know more about industrial luminaires and how to choose them? Then, get to know the entire product line of SX Lighting!

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