7 erros mais comuns cometidos em projetos luminotécnicos

7 common mistakes in lighting projects

7 erros mais comuns cometidos em projetos luminotécnicos

7 common mistakes in lighting projects

Lighting projects can make a huge difference in a company since lighting in areas, when well applied, directly influences factors like cost reduction, increase in productivity and even the well being of those passing by.

However, there are cases in which the lighting planning isn’t developed properly and, for this reason, it isn’t possible to enjoy the benefits of a lighting project.

If you want to know more about it and discover the 7 most common mistakes in lighting projects that must be avoided. Keep readin and we will show you the details. Check it out!

1. Hiring non-specialized professionals

In the market, it is possible to find workforce that is not specialized in lighting, such as electricians, masons, installers and plasterers. These professionals usually excell at what they do, but they are not specialized in lighting, and for this reason, are subject to making mistakes more frequently.

Only a professional specialized in the lighting industry has the technical know-how to carry out an adequate lighting project and that, in fact, meets the necessities of the area.

In this sense, one of the main mistakes to be made is not counting with the support of a specialized professional and, as a consequence, the project does not widely meets its needs.

2. Acquiring cheap and low quality equipment

Another mistake that is frequently made is buying cheap and low quality equipment. In this case, it isn’t efficient to have the ideal planning if the equipment used isn’t the appropriate and does not reach the main objective of an adequate lighting.

The best thing to do is to avoid second line products and not choose items considering its price only, with no technical knowledge, because in general, these equipments last less than half the time a product built complying with recommended standards would – making expenses in the medium and long terms get even higher.

LED luminaires, for example, are quality products that basically need no maintenance, have an extended rated life (making changing happen only after a long time) and, furthermore, lower the expenses with electricity, which makes them a great choice for lighting projects.

3. Not complying with regulatory standards

Regulatory standards exist so that quality products are available in the market. In this way, a product with no certifications does not count with the attributes that are necessary to grant safety.

Besides, certain projects require technical standards to be inspected regarding its proper implementation and surveillance for artifical light incidence – like factories, hospitals, stores, condominiums, streets, roadways and schools – also making the checking of these standards one of the tasks a lighting professional has to perform.

4. Lack of adequate lighting for the area

There are plenty of methods used to develop lighting projects. However, a common mistake is not observing the kind of lighting that is the most adequate for the area.

It is the case for instance, of direct lighting — which directly lights a surface or object. In general, this kind of light is capable of keeping one more awake and can be used to direct attention towards a specific point and, consequently, increase productivity in work activities.

Indirect lighting, on the other hand, spreads the light all over the area and makes the place cozier and more comfortable, making it the most recommended for a commercial lighting project.

This way, it is crucial to observe the most appropriate type of light for each specific area, including considering the color temperature, as it is also capable of awakening sensations of focus or coziness on those present.

5. Mounting luminaires and floodlights at inadequate heights

The mounting height of luminaires and floodlights is extremely important for it is directly linked to the use of the emitted light and visual comfort. This way, when an item is installed at an inadequate elevation, it is capable of causing a negative impact over the tasks performed in the area, be it residential, commercial or industrial.

For this reason, the mounting height of the luminaire must be considered in lighting projects, and it is necessary that each space be measured individually, considering the relation between the ceiling height and the proposed use at the place.

6. Disregard of heat emission from luminaires

Despite the fact that disregarding heat emission from luminaires is a mistake in lighting projects, the good news is that it can easily be fixed, although it is key to consider this point during the initial project so as to avoid having problems.

Consequently, besides the emitted light, it is also necessary to observe the heat emission from the luminaires – the smaller the emission, the more recommended is their use. Excessive heat consumes increases energy consumption and is less efficient.

For this reason, remember to always look at heat emission individually in luminaires that don’t belong to the same line or manufacturer. The recommendation is to use LED luminaires because they have their heat emission close to zero, making the place where they are mounted more functional and economical.

7. Planning with no customization

The lighting project must be specially thought out for each area, considering the use of the place O projeto luminotécnico deve ser especialmente pensado para cada ambiente, so that it can completely meet the client’s needs.

Working a project that is not customized for each area isn’t usually efficient, simply because not every room  in a place have the same needs.

Now that you already know what the 7 most common mistakes in lighting projects are, you may have realized the importance of hiring a company that is specialized in lighting projects to avoid making them, right? Besides, relying on the support of the right professional makes it possible to save electricity and reduce costs with equipment change and maintenance.

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