iluminação dos supermercados

Understand the influence of supermarket lighting on product quality

iluminação dos supermercados

Understand the influence of supermarket lighting on product quality

The lighting in supermarkets should receive special attention from entrepreneurs, as it directly affects the quality of products, as it can preserve foods and influence product color.

In addition, lighting in supermarkets also directly influences the consumer experience, and for these reasons, it is essential that business owners in the area pay attention to new technologies.

If you want to learn more about the subject and discover how supermarket lighting influences product quality, continue reading this post to check out all the details presented by Viviane Guimarães, from the marketing department of SX Lighting!

What is the importance of lighting in supermarkets?

A supermarket that has proper lighting can not only preserve its food but also catch the attention of its customers.

This is because, although lighting systems go unnoticed by most people who walk through stores, in reality, they can determine the success of a product’s sale, as long as it receives the appropriate light.

Especially in the food and supermarket industry, the fresher the food appears, the more attractive it is to the consumer. In this sense, LED lights, for example, provide attractive textures and vibrant colors to the product.

Lighting not only attracts customers to buy but also improves the overall consumer experience in the store because visibility is clearer. In addition, energy-efficient LEDs also help the environment and reduce return on investment.

Thus, in the case of supermarkets, good lighting of the displays highlights the natural colors of the food and makes the product more suggestive because of its appearance of fresh food, after all, the color and naturalness of the items are enhanced.

What is the appropriate lighting for supermarkets?

According to Viviane, LED technology is the best option for supermarkets because it helps keep products fresh.

In addition, LEDs do not emit heat, UVA or infrared rays, and for this reason, they are ideal for illuminating items offered to consumers. The replacement of light units in refrigerated furniture, for example, ensures that foods do not deteriorate in areas where much merchandise is lost.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are an alternative technology for food preservation, and there are even studies and articles published that prove this fact.

According to a study published in the Food Safety Magazine, a team of researchers from the National University of Singapore demonstrated the efficacy of LED in inactivating some important foodborne pathogens: Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella typhimurium, and Escherichia coli O157: H7.

During the experiment, the researchers first cultured these microorganisms at a temperature of 15°C. Then they were exposed to different LED lighting times (between 0 and 7.5 hours) and different acidity values (pH between 4.5 and 9.5).

To evaluate the effect of LED, the scientists analyzed the development of bacteria exposed to LED with those that, although kept at the same pH and temperature, were not exposed to light.

The result obtained was the confirmation that LED lighting is effective in destroying microorganisms. In this sense, the antibacterial effect derives from the ability of blue light to perform photodynamic inactivation of bacteria that contain sensitive compounds.

How should the lighting of each section be worked out?

A supermarket has different areas, and each one must be worked out differently. After all, they have peculiarities that interfere with the choice of devices to provide the appropriate lighting to the environments.

To help you better understand the subject, we will present below the efficiency of supermarket lighting in each section!

Fish and Seafood

Fish is a food that must be kept cold at all times. Often, supermarkets keep it on a layer of crushed ice in order to keep it fresh and at a constant temperature.

Proper lighting in this section can highlight the moisture of the skin and the shine of the scales, making them look as if they were recently caught. In addition, the lights also create an atmosphere that encourages customers to buy based on the appearance of the products.

A change in the lighting of the food displays can increase the shelf life of the products being sold, since prolonged exposure to heat and ultraviolet radiation can decompose the fish.


In the meat section, lighting directly influences the presentation of products and makes them appear fresh, as color is the most important attribute for the customer when deciding on a purchase.

When the natural colors of the meat are highlighted, the product displays a fresh and suggestive image. However, in cases where too much incident light is used, myoglobin oxidation can occur, causing the color of the meat to change from red to brown.

Thus, taking care of the lighting in supermarkets is essential to prevent discoloration of meats.

Fruits and Vegetables

The fruits and vegetables section, in general, includes products that are exposed to the open air. Therefore, clear and bright lighting is vital for them to acquire a fresh and sparkling appearance, which enhances their quality and makes them irresistible to customers.

However, it is worth noting that poor lighting or choosing the wrong light source can discolor fruits and vegetables and consequently make them appear less appetizing.

Bakery and Confectionery

In the bakery and confectionery section, lighting should also be designed to obtain the maximum potential of each product. In this field, people look for fresh products, so it is important to have lighting that intensifies the golden and intense colors, as well as combines different beam openings and light intensities.

Bread is a fast-rotating product that is not very sensitive to the effects of light, which is why it is possible to intensify its shine and tone to make it even more attractive to customers.

Now that you know the influence of supermarket lighting on product quality, you must have realized that it is essential to have an appropriate lighting design to increase energy efficiency, boost sales, and preserve food.

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