projeto de iluminação industrial

Know what to consider in an industrial lighting project!

projeto de iluminação industrial

Industrial lighting project: know what to consider to do your best!

A correct industrial lighting project is essential to obtain ideal visibility and facilitate the performance of daily tasks. The brightness of the environment interferes with the health of employees, prevents work accidents, and increases productivity. Therefore, lighting calculations elaborated by specialized professionals should be considered when purchasing LED devices.

In this post, we will show you how to elaborate and the importance of an industrial lighting project. In addition, we will talk about the advantages of investing in this planning and provide details on visibility, accident reduction, productivity, and better working conditions for employees. Here, you will discover the points that must be considered in the lighting project.

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What is the importance of an industrial lighting project?

An industrial lighting project is very important so that current standards are met according to their requirements. The Occupational Hygiene Standard – NHO 11 deals with lighting levels, imposing qualitative and quantitative parameters in indoor work environments.

It also brings requirements for the preparation of technical reports and calibration of measurement instruments. It allows the verification of inconsistencies in lighting systems through a practical example.

ISO/CIE 8995-1:2013 also imposes measures so that the lighting of places where work activities are carried out is efficient and so that employees can work comfortably during their shift. Thus, a lighting project will be executed in compliance with all legislation and will avoid future problems.

What are the advantages of a well-designed industrial lighting project?

An efficient industrial lighting project provides quality of life to employees and reduces the costs of all sectors of the industry. Specialists prioritize accessible and appropriate equipment for reducing electricity consumption and increasing the company’s profitability.

See below the benefits that can be obtained by companies!


In the elaboration of the lighting project, the level of clarity in the spaces is calculated so that the laws are met, and the return on investment is quick. All aspects are analyzed, such as the possibility of using natural light, variation, shadows, and objects inserted in the environment.

Thus, it is possible to reach a personalized and ideal planning for each area. It is worth noting that the projects consider the amount of light, the size of the location, the activities carried out, and the workers’ exposure time.

Consequently, the LED luminaire and LED floodlights are selected with the aim of assisting the visual health of users and reducing expenses due to excessive electricity consumption.

Accident reduction

Lack of lighting and insufficient brightness cause work accidents that can be mild or severe. Both offices and warehouses need to be illuminated to avoid problems with legal demands, which can cost high sums of money. An injury suffered by an employee has consequences that can tarnish companies’ image.

Better conditions for employees

ISO/CIE 8995-1:2013 establishes a glare index so that employees do not experience visual discomfort. With the lighting project, all factors are evaluated to have the maximum use of lighting in an environment. Lights complement each other to ensure excellent performance and user efficiency.

Greater efficiency

The economy of electricity is one of the main objectives of industrial lighting projects. After the implementation of LED devices, there is a significant reduction in light bills, considering that designers consider the set of reflectors and luminaires and verify all details: height of fixing points, circuit distribution, automation of commands, etc.

What are the points that must be considered in the lighting project?

Several aspects are taken into consideration during the execution of lighting projects. The search for excellent alternatives that fit the spaces is carried out to ensure the satisfaction of the managers of the projects. Qualified professionals develop accessible plans and consider all the points indicated below!

Production layout

The physical arrangements of factories recorded on a plan are part of the analysis for the implementation of effective lighting systems. This technique is relevant when defining the layout of LED luminaires and the distribution of light.

Environments present differences among themselves. Therefore, what is appropriate for a warehouse does not work for a meeting room, for example.

If there are obstructions that prevent brightness from reaching a certain area, the professional needs to determine the amount of light and the ideal point for the installation of devices. On the other hand, less frequented places do not require constant lighting and can rely on motion sensors to improve energy efficiency.

Having a DWG plan

The DWG plan is a 2D and 3D drawing of the areas that should be made available to specialized professionals when the hiring is completed. With access to it, experts will conduct a project survey for precise calculations. The floor plan of the environment allows for the evaluation of the lighting system and makes it easier to decide what needs to be done.

Presenting objects in the project

Objects over 0.75 meters interfere with the ideal lighting of work areas. Therefore, arrangements and furniture placed in these areas will need to be verified by the designers. Windows also influence brightness, so light uniformity must be observed, as well as the area surrounding the rooms.

Meeting lighting and uniformity requirements

Lighting and uniformity requirements are set out in current standards and certifications. Lighting projects are executed according to all legal requirements to provide users with peace of mind and legal security. They feature devices made with cutting-edge technology.

In industries, energy consumption is quite high due to the continuity of production processes. LED luminaires provide perfect lighting when included in plans to work together with other devices. They have a long service life and offer the best cost-benefit ratio in the medium and long term, due to the light-emitting diodes.

Now, you already know what to consider in an industrial lighting project! Remember that it is extremely important to follow all legal requirements to obtain a quality plan. Therefore, it is essential to rely on partners with expertise for its execution.

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